Let Us Start Handling Your Calls To-day! Call (01) 903 9239
Let Us Start Handling Your Calls To-day!
Call (01) 903 9239
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Call365 are 100% Irish owned company, based in Blackrock, Co. Dublin, we are the only Irish cloud phone service to offer your 14 day free trial and no contact to sign.
Call365 can help you and your business in the following ways:
1. We will ensure you don’t miss any more calls and the business opportunities that come with them.
2. We will allow you to concentrate on running and growing your business without being distracted.
3. We will save you having to employ staff until they’re needed.
4. We will carry out other functions that can be done remotely, such as liaising with your customers, your suppliers, or your patients.
5. We will make you look bigger than you are.
6. We provide a dedicated PA who will handle your calls as if she was in your office, answering them in your company name and with a commitment to your customers. Most of your callers will never know you’re using us.
If you are just looking for your calls be answered from Monday to Friday, it’s only €55.00 per month. But if want your calls to be answered all the time, 24/7, it’s only €99.00 per month. There is no contract and no hidden costs.
You can call us on (01) 903 9239 and we can take your details over the phone, or you can fill out our sign up form, on our website and we will call you back. By completing our sign up form does not commit you to anything.
Once we have taken your details, you will receive your dedicated telephone number at no extra cost, this is the number we use to answer your calls, you can divert your existing business telephone number to it or place the new telephone number on your website.
With your help we will also create your own bespoke answering script, this is the business message we will use when our operators answer your calls. Whenever we receive a call, we will then instantly send you an email, with the date, time, name of the customer and the details of the enquiry.
Messages are sent instantly to you by email. 
98% of calls are answered in 3 rings and 95% within 2 rings. 
Yes. You will be allocated a unique telephone number which you can either divert your existing telephone line to or you can advertise on your website as your own number. 
Most telephone service providers like Eir, offer a call divert facility, so you can divert your existing telephone number to your new Call365 dedicated number. (For example, with Eir, you press *21, enter your new dedicated number and press #)
When your calls come into our office they will be answered by your own dedicated call center representative, who is trained to answer calls with your business message.
No, The service operates on a simple rolling monthly basis, so should you wish to cancel, just give Call365 at least 30 days notice by email.
Yes, we send you an invoice via email each month.
We only use ISDN lines in order to ensure consistency of crystal clear call quality, reliability and security.

Usually the very same day! But the more information and notice we have then the more effective the service we can provide you with.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at our number below or email us at support@call365.ie


62% of Unanswered Callers Won’t Leave a Message

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Let Us Start Handling Your Calls To-day! Call (01) 903 9239

Let Us Start Handling Your Calls To-day!
Call (01) 903 9239

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